This isn't really about us, this is about you and the creations you are capable of that defy your idea of possible.


How do you bring your most fantastic dreams to functional reality, in collaboration, as a direct contribution to a beautiful new world? 


This is why we created NEI, as an answer to the call of creation

We believe the creative process is the greatest catalyst for human development. The journey of the creator is one that takes us past all the little boxes and all the how it's done and all the excuses into the transcendent journey of our own fundamental capacity to contribute. Whether an "art" installation, a community, a new financial instrument, or a new form of clean energy, creating is healing and transformational for Self and Society.

We offer personal and group programs based on the transformative power of the creative process online, at our own studio in Boulder, Colorado, USA and hosted locations internationally with our partners. 


NEI is also experiencing deep transformation. 


An effort is now underway to embrace our social justice mission of creating an equitable new world, expand into the EU and move our base of operations from Boulder to Motovun, Croatia, a beautiful medieval hill town in central Istria. With the move and the new Motovun Transformational Arts Center comes a substantial expansion in the catalog of offerings and member services as well as new strategic partnerships with world class creators.  


Among the additions are a multidisciplinary artist in residence program, masterclasses, Art of Hosting trainings, creatorship development programs for changemakers and much more. 

This evolution also brings a structural development as we move toward a non profit organization (NPO) model aligned with our belief that all of welcome in this world and steps must be taken to remedy a deeply imbalanced social and educational system globally.


Founded by Lawrence and Alysia Kampf, two creators that found a shared vision of a new world and a hunger to help people develop their capacity to create it. NEI combines their life's work in supporting the development of the planet's greatest renewable resource. People!



Nova Earth Institute is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of NEI must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.





Equally mystical and practical, I am a builder of life. I delight in helping others come alive, awake, healthy and embodied beyond their idea of possible. I revel In supporting their burgeoning awareness and power to create and achieve their potential. 

My background as a global consultant for large scale cultural projects, certified energy medicine practitioner/teacher, meditator, leadership coach, shamanic artist and professional educator has provided me with deep insight into the needs and nature of Creators - those who are built for building and motivated by devotion to a new world. 

Things are expressions of people. It’s the people that are the keys to a beautiful new world.

Selected Writings

Year in Review 2018

Why Croatia?



Definitely more on the practical side, I am a protector. My passion is providing a supportive environment where others can find their creativity and discover new ideas that broaden their sense of themselves and the world.

An architect by training, I have worked on projects around the globe. The most memorable part of all those projects for me is, The People. Being involved with people creating is soul nourishing and inspiring.





Anja Mutic has spent the last two decades wandering the planet professionally as a travel writer, in search of places and moments with power to transform. Now splitting time between Zagreb, Croatia and Brooklyn, New York, she works as a writer (for publications like The Washington Post, BBC Travel and many others), teacher and consultant. She's also a devoted single mama of a boy whose name means truth in Swahili. Find out more about Anja at



Cayla Moss is a creativity enthusiast, culture builder, lover of details. A New Zealand native, she now finds herself involved in technology and agriculture industries based in Boulder, Colorado. Cayla brings a strong intuition and deep curiosity to the building of new organizations. 


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has spent the last 20 years as a community development professional by harnessing over 300 million dollars in capital to create innovative financing tools and new housing developments throughout the southwest. She has worked primarily with local and state government and has acted as a “resource bridge” to increase the flow of government resources to community driven projects. To date, her work has been primarily in the Southwest United States, but she is fascinated by the intersection of culture, community and real estate development in Croatia. Her hope is that she can deploy her skills in the service of local communities who are experiencing global investment pressures and increasing gentrification.


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Tanya Woods

Michael Moss



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Visualizing Innovation with Creativity, Courage, and Intelligence


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