Embodied Creators


Embodied Creators


4 weeks , August 10 - September 7, 2019

The first in a series of experiential workshops exploring embodiment , or how we are in the world, through the creative lens. Lawrence guides the group through exercises and methodologies for a full spectrum, transformational experience.


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Embodied Creators - Pilot Project

This is the first in a series of experiential workshops exploring embodiment through the creative lens. This is a pilot program exploring a broad range of both traditional and emergent embodiment work for future core NEI programs. Accordingly, the format will be more exploratory than scripted. Plan for a baseline of 2-3 hours/week for the workshops or recordings and exercises.

Meetings and practices will be offered online via Zoom and communications through a dedicated Slack workspace. All sessions will be recorded and available for the duration of the program.

Embodiment is how we are in the world. Our physical bodies, personalities, relationships, professions, everything. The creative lens lets us see ourselves as a work of art and explore a full spectrum of tools and techniques to grow more aware, authentic, healthier, wiser and more capable.

Creating isn’t just about art, it’s the art of bringing our own consciousness and will into form and continually expanding our presence. Creation is both a skill and capacity and can be cultivated with extraordinary results. Join NEI founder Lawrence Kampf and guests for a playful exploration into the depths of your own creative capacity.

Drawing from decades of experience with top level creative working groups, a diverse palette of therapeutic modalities, and programs such as the Embodiment Intensive and Tools for Embodiment, Lawrence will share a full spectrum of exercises and experiences. Plan to explore diverse areas such as Shamanic Art, Yoga, Leadership, Athletics, Theater, Innovation, Somatics, Literature, Energy Medicine, Diet, Architecture, therapeutics and Spiritual Practice. New and seasoned practitioners alike are invited to explore and deepen the collective field of embodied creativity.

Embodied Creators, Cycle 1 - Contact

Here we focus on experiencing our own embodied qualities and developing the foundations of awareness through a Map of the Self project. The program will include exercises and teachings designed to deepen our relationship with ourselves and lay the foundations for authentic and healthy growth. This is primarily an instrument of exploration, emphasis will be on presencing, supported by practices for cultivation.

Expect to:

  • Create framework of your own lifelong Creative Practice

  • Deepen your creative capacity

  • Explore specific aspects of your embodiment in depth

  • Learn practices and tools for developing your authentic embodiment

  • Catalyze the next stage of your own embodiment

  • Be supported by a shared container of heartfelt practitioners

  • Basic participation requires approximately 2-3 hours per week


All meetings, Saturdays, 11-12 MST, 7-8 CET, 2019

Aug 10 - Getting Started - Workshop 1
Aug 17 - Meditation 1
Aug 24 - Deepening - Workshop 2
Aug 31 - Meditation 2
Sept 7- Conclusion - workshop 3