Fueling the Effort

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YOU can help Nova Earth touch more lives and develop a solid foundation that can open doors for people worldwide. Please consider a financial donation and share this letter around with your people that also believe in a better new world for all through creativity.

Question...How did you FEEL the last time you experienced your own creativity?

Satisfied, amazed, or bigger than yourself are some of the words past program participants have used to describe their experiences with Nova Earth Institute. The truth is that creative expression = human transformation

“At Nova Earth I learned to be a creator instead of a taker.”

Cayla , Artist – Artist in Residence, Advisory Team

We created Nova Earth Institute 31⁄2 years ago to help people become their full, true selves through creativity. What is happening now is so much bigger than we imagined. It’s crystal clear that it can be a huge benefit to a healthy world if it grows in scale and becomes an international non-profit.

We’ve begun the changes! We are now Fiscally Sponsored through Fractured Atlas allowing for tax-deductible donations. Additionally, an expert international advisory team is now on board encouraging us all to be bigger than ourselves.

Our goal through the end of 2019 is to provide life-changing opportunities for 100 people. We need your help to transform more lives!

Our initial target is $20,000 by August 31st.

Your contribution will not only change the life of an individual, but through them, the entire community. Amplify your impact today!

  • $2500 – Supports 5 seats in a Cultural Leadership Symposium* in Motovun

  • $500 – Covers one 5 full registrations for the Embodied Creators* online program

  • $100 – Provides housing for 4 residency participants for a day

  • $25 – Buys materials for a glass workshop for 5 young entrepreneurs

    *Wondering what Cultural Leadership Symposium or Embodied Creators is all about, you can find more information about these and other programs on our website: www.novaearthinstitute.com

Are you part of the history?

If you've ever been part of our studio classes, coaching sessions, retreats, consulting and design work, healing sessions, Embodiment Intensives, addiction recovery coaching, or leadership development workshops anywhere in the world, then you're already a part of this!

“I couldn’t have had a better support system, mirror, knowledge-giver, and ally through a tough and transformational year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Lawrence!!”

Gary, Executive Director – Leadership Coaching

Thank you! You are why Nova Earth exists! Growing ourselves grows our communities.

Want to be part of the future?

Picture, if you will, Nova Earth Institute housed in a historic stone building in a magnificent medieval Central European town. In Nova Earth HQ you'll find residency programs, leadership trainings, master classes, galleries, meeting spaces, yoga retreats, a great big dining table, and a shop. This is home to the residential programs and the launching point for online programs as well as events with network partners around the world.

Engaging our creativity is powerfully healing. It makes us stronger, more capable and more caring humans. We live in a time that asks more of us all and we need places to develop that compassionate strength.

This is where you’ll be able to come and dive into your own creative experience!

“Through your programs I felt like I found my true self and reconnected with the spirit of my work. I reinvented myself! ”

Rebecca, Social Artist – Embodiment Intensive, personal healing sessions

Your contribution will enable:

  • Development of New Programs: Including an Artist Residency program, Embodied Creators online training, a Cultural Leadership Symposium, Artist Master Classes, and local after-school programs.

  • Expansion of Professional Services: Including training for organizational clients in key development areas such as social equity, climate science, transportation, energy, justice, and resilient food systems.

  • Support of Diversity: Including programs for underserved communities offered through partnerships with other philanthropic organizations and local governments.

  • Your generous tax-deductible gift provides crucial funding at an important time as we shift into our role as cultural leaders and champions of human creativity.

    For donations online go to https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/nova-earth-institute or simply fill out and return the enclosed reply card with your check. Please make checks payable to Fractured Atlas.

    Thank you and huge love,

    Lawrence and Alysia

    P.S. – Help us create creators. Your generous gift toward our $20,000 goal by August 31st enables an entirely new world to open up for 100 people and their communities this year alone!

    Nova Earth Institute is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Nova Earth Institute must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.